2nd edition

The second edition of the Mother and Child Startup Challenge took place in 2023. Due to the success of the first edition of the competition, we decided in the second edition to focus on organizing a project intended for pediatric patients and hospital management.
In the second edition of the competition, we were looking for solutions in two categories:
  • Path for mature companies and startups,
  • Path for startups in the R&D phase.
The competition not only showed the potential of creativity and entrepreneurship in the field of healthcare, but also strengthened the community of experts, medical facilities and start-ups , creating an inspiring ecosystem of changes. Let these innovative solutions become a beacon for the future of health care, and our common journey towards new standards will continue. Congratulations to all participants, winners and those who have contributed to shaping the future of maternal and child care!

Thematic scope

Path for startups and teams in the research and development phase (R&D Path):

Thematic scope:

  • Mental health and wellbeing of pediatric patients and their caregivers;
  • Prevention and combatting respiratory diseases among pediatric patients;
  • Prevention and combatting overweight and obesity among pediatric patients;

The advancement level of projects in the implementation path is determined by the TRL scale: 3-7.

Implementation Path for companies and startups with a ready product (Implementation Path)

Thematic scope:
  • Clinical activities: obstetrics and gynecology, neonatology, pediatrics (material innovations, diagnostics, telemonitoring, therapy, rehabilitation, clinical decision support)
  • Prevention and screening tests;
  • Patient education and support in specialist training;
  • Process and documentation management, data analysis;
The advancement level of projects in the implementation path is determined by the TRL scale: 8-9.

Finalists of the 2nd Edition

Winners of the 2nd Edition

In 2023, the Jury awarded main prizes to 4 projects in two types of paths:

2 in the implementation path:

Laserobaria 20_s

Laserobaria 2.0_S is a product of the Polish company Inventmed. It is a multifunctional device certified as a medical device in class IIA. It is the only one on the market that allows for holistic therapy using the synergy of five physical factors: local oxygen therapy at increased pressure, ozone therapy, magnetic field, red light, and UV light.

Laserobaria 2.0_S therapy is used in the treatment of wounds of various etiologies: diabetic foot, burns, frostbite, ulcers, postoperative wounds, lymphatic swelling, as well as in the treatment of orthopedic conditions and pain. In many cases, the treatment helps to avoid limb amputation. The software allows for individualization of the therapeutic factors system depending on the type of condition, level of infection, or potential contraindications. The therapeutic effects that the company can achieve include biocidal action (against viruses, bacteria, fungi), anti-edema, anti-inflammatory, tissue regeneration acceleration, and pain reduction. In the orthopedic field, it accelerates bone fusion and muscle regeneration.

Laserobaria 2.0_S receives positive feedback from medical entities using it in patient treatment, including clinical military hospitals, provincial hospitals, and private facilities. The company, along with the invention, has been awarded at events such as Brussels Innova, Startup Challenge 2023 as part of the European Economic Congress, or during the 16th International Invention and Innovation Trade Fair.

TruScreen Cervical Cancer Screening

Cervical cancer incidence (CCI) and mortality remain a global priority. Cervical cancer mortality in Poland is one of the highest in Europe. Modeling shows that to make progress in eliminating cervical cancer effective, the quality of approach needs improvement: vaccinations, screening, and management need to be addressed in a more comprehensive, large-scale, and faster manner to achieve the World Health Organization’s (WHO, 2019) goals. Cervical cancer screening must be widely accessible. Over the next few years, screening will have a greater impact on cervical cancer incidence than vaccinations. However, identifying individuals with HPV DNA as the sole screening method will not improve mortality. Studies demonstrate that improvements in cervical cancer prevention and mortality will only occur under conditions of mass HPV vaccination and appropriate identification of cervical changes requiring treatment.

TruScreen is a medical device (Class IIA) that uses a clinically proven optical-electrical method to instantly detect cervical changes.

TruScreen offers the opportunity to reduce cervical cancer prevention costs and improve mortality faster than with HPV DNA use, with mass application. It is also an excellent proposition for private gynecological offices. TruScreen features:
  • Non-invasiveness, does not require tissue sampling and laboratory infrastructure,
  • Built-in artificial intelligence, eliminating the risk of human error,
  • Instant, objective results, indicating the need for further action,
  • Easy to use.
2 in the R&D path:


Clebre is an innovative way of treating sleep and breathing disorders, in which we continuously monitor progress to tailor therapy to the individual needs of the patient. With a sensor attached to the neck, we move diagnostics and monitoring to the patient’s home. The sensor collects data on how we breathe and how we behave while sleeping. Such observations extended over many nights allow us to build a complete, objective picture of the condition and monitor its changes.

The Clebre diagnostic system introduces a fundamental change in the way sleep apnea and snoring are treated, and the entire process is led by a team of specialists coordinated by a caregiver.

Sleep breathing disorders are common. In children, they lead to disturbances in proper physical and intellectual development. In adults, prolonged stress and oxygen deficiency caused by apneas lead to hypertension, diabetes, heart rhythm disorders, as well as heart attacks and strokes.

Breathing disorders have various causes, can occur at any age, and are chronic. This means that there is no single treatment path, and that treatment must be long-term. Clebre addresses these patient needs and effectively solves their problems.

Mission Amygdala – Calmsie

Mission Amygdala is a platform providing immediate support to children with depression and anxiety disorders. It aids in prevention, early intervention, and complements standard therapy. The product was created by experienced doctors and IT specialists in collaboration with children, integrating best therapeutic practices, conversational artificial intelligence, and mobile games.

The digital format and additional functionalities supporting the white staff eliminate systemic gaps causing crises in child psychiatry. Therefore, Mission Amygdala is a revolution that combines innovation with engaging UX, safety, and effectiveness, changing the face of child mental health care.

Children are engaged in daily missions where they help game characters overcome emotional challenges. They then engage in real-time conversations with General Empathy – our AI-driven videobot, who helps the child apply skills acquired in the game in real-life situations. Mission Amygdala is a platform serving two purposes:
  • A digital therapeutic product aimed at supporting children aged 8 to 12 with mild to moderate symptoms of depression and anxiety,
  • A wellness product designed to facilitate prevention and help children develop emotional resilience through psychoeducation and elements based on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), particularly providing psychoeducational tools to pediatric patients with physical illnesses.
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